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Some Things That Are True About Me

I'm a writer whose work has appeared in places such as EsquireThe Wall Street Journal, and Playboy. My first book, Can I Keep My Jersey?, was published in 2008. Booklist said it was "remarkably insightful"; an Amazon reviewer said it was "increasingly tiresome." 

My second book, Stories I Tell On Dates, came out in 2017. The Chicago Tribune said it "resonates with anyone who favors introspection and emotional honesty." That book also became a podcast that is better than most podcasts.


I run Writers Blok, a co-writing space in Los Angeles. We function like a yoga studio or a gym, except for writing. 

I also sometimes do speaking engagements for businesses and college groups about what I've learned about failure and adapting to it.

Some Ways To Keep Track Of Me
Some Books I've Written
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